Photo by Julie Kahlbaugh

Photo by Julie Kahlbaugh

I’m Seth LeDonne, an artist and designer living and working in Pittsburgh PA. My work develops meaning through groups of paintings and site-specific installations. The imagery and themes explored in my work also inform my design practice via murals, products, and art objects.

My paintings embrace contemporary materials and techniques while rooting their aesthetic in drawing and mark-making. I incorporate hand-drawn text, creating flexible meaning and associations through simplicity. These word-centric/influenced compositions take cues from poetic expression by engaging with language beyond its typical application.

When a word, phrase, or concept moves me, I take note. Concepts may emerge immediately or cultivate gradually into a phrase of significance. These expressions explore an astute sadness, optimistic self-help language, or a bittersweet amalgamation. It’s important for me to provide the viewer with a point of relatability through humility or humor. Reflection and self-expression are under-utilized self-care tools, and it is a tactic of my work to create an experience that earnestly demonstrates and advocates for their usefulness.






2019 Rolling Coal , with Derek Reese, Forthcoming

2019 Final Notice, Union Hall, Pittsburgh PA

2019 Earth Part II, Tomayko Gallery, Point Park University, Pittsburgh PA

2018 No End / No Beginning, Imagebox, Pittsburgh PA

2017 See Water Still, Flowering Rock, Boston MA

2017 How to Get Back, The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh PA

2016 Rock Flour, Bunker Projects, Pittsburgh PA

2015 Don’t Say It’s Over II, The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh PA

2013 Don’t Say It’s Over, Imagebox, Pittsburgh PA

2012 Old Enough to Behave, Image Box, Pittsburgh PA

2011 Cowboy Coffee, ICAG, Pittsburgh PA

2010 Dreams of Rust, Zombo Gallery, Pittsburgh PA


2018 Distilled, Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media, Pittsburgh PA

2018 The End, Jask Gallery, Pittsburgh PA

2017 106 Annual Exhibition, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA

2017 Electric Koolaid, The Brewhouse Association, Pittsburgh PA

2016 AAP: New Members, The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh PA

2015 12x12 Rewind, Modern Formations, Pittsburgh PA

2009 Debut, Fast Forward Gallery, Pittsburgh PA


2019 Associated Artists of Pittsburgh - Illustration to Object studio talk and workshop

2017 SIX X ATE: In Situ - Guest Lecturer, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Associated Artists of Pittsburgh - Drawing and Zines studio talk and workshop


2017 Gone, CSA-PGH, Casey Droege Cultural Productions, Pittsburgh PA

2016 Creative Nonfiction Magazine - Childhood, #60 Summer 2016 - Illustrations


The Benter Foundation

Graham Shearing - Private collection


2009 BFA Painting, California University of Pennsylvania