You’ve done it. You’ve chosen to be take part in Seth LeDonne - Studio Direct 2020. Let’s celebrate the start of this year-long program with a VIP happy hour.

We’ll hang out at Radiant Hall’s studio bar.

VIP Cocktail Hour
5:30 PM17:30

VIP Cocktail Hour

What to expect:

  • Meet some of my other Patrons

  • Drinks: Campari Group has donated some product, including some of their classic Amari. I’ll batch some special cocktails, and have some wine and beer too.

  • Mock-tails for sober folks.

  • Classic and vegan charcuterie. + Some of my favorite hour’s devours.

There’s no need to dress up, but I sure don’t mind a little pizazz. Feel free to bring a plus one. My going-away party will follow this event at 7:30. You’re certainly welcome to stay for that as well.

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